Dog Becomes a Secret Agent

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: ”Connect the Dots.”

Well! We took the nearest book, ”The Fontana Economic History of Europe 2, 16th and 17th Centuries”, Ed. Carlo M. Cipolla, Glasgow 1974, page 82, and there was:”We must limit ourselves simply to the districts where births and deaths were recorded in full.” Some inspiration! Which then led to a discussion about the eagerness of the state to collect statistical data on just about everything and everybody.

To my surprise, they have not thought of recruiting dogs yet. A dog notices and records more information about the doings and non-doings of humans than any surveillance would. It is also able to sense the moods and feelings of it´s pets, keep track of their physical health, various habits, and consuming patterns.  Sometimes, a dog can even read the minds of the humans, and may closely monitor their sex life; the last two aspects being seldom revealed by just sending a questionnaire.

This would make the dog a Secret Agent, a title with excitement and action just to the sound of it. In reality, most of the job would be the usual, like laying on the couch with one ear observing the actions of others, or sniffing through grocery bags.

There would be more than enough of information gathered for the Bureau of Statistics and other representatives of the Big Brother. Just how to get the dog to pass on all its´ knowledge? The officials would surely find a way. A dog is not stupid and can communicate in a lot of ways, if not speak.

There is still one important obstacle. A dog really makes a loyal companion.

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