Blogging 101, 2015: First Assignment, Introduction

essi ja läppäriHi, everyone! (in Finnish: Hau hau kaikille!)

(This intro, as the following assignments, will be placed on a new page in my blog. As the previous blogs are written in Finnish, and I already have a steady group of followers, I do not wish to confuse them.)

Glad to meet you! I am a doberman and have just reached the age of 15. That makes me probably the oldest one of my kind in Europe! My lived years now equal up to double my original average life length expectancy. A dog´s life compares to human years with a variety of facts and nature taken into consideration. If I were  human, this calculation would make me well over 150 years of age.

Such a long life opens up views and perspectives, makes one think and observe the surrounding world in a new manner. My blog is about me, and a dog´s life. Underneath, there is a current of social and political issues, daily news, ecological changes and even spiritual speculation, which have caught my attention.

A dog has a great standing in order to comment on the ways of the world. I am the silent partner, yet always there. I draw my examples from the life of a dog, this way my stories turn out to be  metaphorical and do not annoy anyone. A simple line of thought may well bring one closer to the root and truth of a lot of things, or that´s how I wish.

A blog of one´s own is a great leap for any dog. My two human pets, both representing the original Finnish species in their fifties, have encouraged me all the way. We live in Turku, Finland, which is located almost at the end of the world. The title of my blog, ”Space: Essi”, means my own space, the size of a dog, in the digital universe. With the current situation in Europe, maybe I should change it to something like ”Barking from the Border”? Let´s see!













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