Pleased to Meet You: Coffee, Jesus and Donald Duck

Monday is a day of opposites, of steep hills on the way from leisure and meditation to the hectic pace of work. This may have affected my choice of characters for the assignment: I picked them from two different worlds of thought, almost two thousand years apart, but both using the same kind of metaphorical approach in their stories. I chose the Bible, from which I picked Jesus, the leading  figure in the New Testament; and Donald Duck, a vital actor in the wide World of Disney.


Both of them have inspired countless artists; writers, drawers, painters and film makers alike. Their central features have been superbly branded to globally recognized products, which have created huge financial empires and great ideological disputes. These characters have strong views and an ability to influence the thinking and actions of millions, they have a role to play in our way to perceive the world even today.

jeesus 1

When Jesus reaches out his hand to greet Donald, a duck,  two different spheres and species meet. The spiritual world is  seen as opposite to the materialistic way of life. Following this encounter we may notice that Jesus and Donald get along well, they have some history to share in the past, and support each other today. While enjoying their cup of  tea or coffee in the local shopping mall, they may look at their  common accomplishments with great satisfaction: Was it not both for the Christian religion and for the gold and riches colonialists sailed away to create the world order of today?

The two fellows may chat at length about their social relations, a popular source of both fun and drama. While Jesus lives among humans, who often behave like animals; Donald´s  peers and colleagues are animals behaving like humans. Nevertheless this should make a great conversation!

While Jesus is known for performing miracles, Donald has charmed his audience by failing in his numerous attempts to do the same. Some tips may be exchanged about this, and who knows, maybe Donalds´s tough luck is going to  turn? Donald may have some advice to give on straight action strategies, which may help Jesus to achieve his goals faster and more effectively.

Neither has got children of his own.  Donald is trying to raise his three well-meaning but wild nephews, while Jesus is known to regard his followers as his children with often bad intentions, which are all too slowly tackled. Perhaps the discussion will bring forth new ideas for future generations, and how to make the children of today to swallow some of the true spiritual medicine while maintaining the material well-being in a more even, humble and sustainable manner.jeesus2







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