Dear Reader,

I hope to find you well and in good spirits! In my mind, I go sniffing around your feet trying to find something familiar in the way you smell. Maybe give out a couple of sharp barks, but since you, hopefully, turn out a friendly aquintance, I rather make it short so you can start your reading.

If you like dogs, the better, it will help you identify with my stories and to see the point in them. I myself do not always know the ways of the dogs, nor fully understand their doings – for example, I can´t stand others sniffing my butt, but find it to be an inappropriate habit. Most of my life I have been around and interacted with humans, which may have had its´effect on my thinking and likings. Anyway, I AM a dog.

A sense of humor is certainly on my wish list. Many of the stories have an amusing aspect, or several small dog-like sayings or sort-of jokes embedded in them, and I hope that you´ll have a good time in my company.

By now, we know each other a bit better and I dare to take the discussion into more sensitive matters. You should love freedom (not only freedom from the leash), be open to criticism of social and political matters, have a bit of rebellish thoughts and doubts yourself and appreciate independence, open mind and originality in one´s choice of living.

I am all for the choices, it is important that we have them. To make you a great reader, you should make use of the choices you have and come up with your personal opinions, which may be different from mine. Discussion generated by the great reader eventually makes a great writer.

Thank you for that! Sincerely, Essi the Writer, going to be the Reader of your blog in just a few minutes.


Yksi kommentti artikkeliin ”Dear Reader,

  1. I enjoy humor and I am a lover of dogs. I have two Old English Sheepdogs. My girl does not like her butt sniffed at all. She sits on it, if another dog tries to get a whiff. Happy Blogging 101 🙂

    Currently, I am using the same theme that you are using. After the ”change your theme” assignment, I am considering changing to one of the ones I tried out.


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